Geneva School of Social Sciences application portal

Welcome to the new portal for submitting and managing applications for Master’s degrees and certificates at the Geneva School of Social Sciences.

Information on the application process can be found at this link for Master’s degrees, and at this link for certificates (in French).

Once you have gathered your documents, fill in the form on this website as follows for the programs you want to apply for:
  1. Click above on Sign in;
  2. Create an account SWITCH edu-ID;
  3. On the tab My applications;
    1. Create an application for an available program;
    2. Upload your documents everywhere you are asked to – you can also do this at the end of the process. Documents should be pdf format, images should be jpg and videos should be mp4;
    3. Pay the application fees if required;
    4. Submit your application. You will no longer be able to modify it;
  4. To apply for another program, go back to the tab My applications and fill in the required information;
  5. Once the application has been submitted, we will send you an email as soon as you need to do something on the portal, e.g. add a document on the tab My additional requests or look at a decision on the tab My official documents. Please check your emails regularly, especially your spam as our messages sometimes end up there. Provided that the applications were complete, responses will begin to be returned in late April/early May at the earliest. Messages regarding the status of your application will not be answered ;
  6. You can connect to the portal at any time to check whether there are any requests for information or whether any decisions have been posted ;
  7. Once the application has been accepted, you will confirm your participation from this portal in the My confirmation section.
Applying to another faculty
Do you want to apply to another faculty, or for a bachelor’s degree? Go to here...

Your personal data
Applicants' data are treated on a strictly confidential basis in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. For more information, please refer to UNIGE's data protection policy (in French).